Failed Christmas Swatting Targeting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Police Report

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene faced a swatting attempt at her Georgia residence on Christmas morning, the eighth such incident.

The Rome Police Department confirmed the call was a hoax, preventing an unnecessary police response to her home.

A New York man falsely claimed on the Georgia suicide hotline that he had shot his girlfriend at Greene’s home, prompting the swatting attempt.

Greene expressed frustration on social media, emphasizing the toll these incidents take on her and her family.

The congresswoman had previously lost committee assignments over racist comments and conspiracy theories but regained influence in the current Republican leadership.

Greene's statement revealed a history of swatting attempts, including false reports of dead bodies found in her home.

Police had responded to similar false reports of shootings outside her residence in the past year.

Despite initial concerns, Greene’s private security detail quickly confirmed her safety, allowing the police response to be canceled.

The Rome Police Department has formed a close working relationship with Greene’s security detail to better assess threat levels in such situations.

Authorities are actively working to identify and build a case against the individual responsible for the swatting attempt on Rep. Greene’s residence.

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