Grace Van Dien Alleges Sexual Harassment and Turns Down Movie Roles

Grace Van Dien, actress from "Stranger Things," is changing her work priorities.

She claims to have faced sexual harassment while filming a previous movie.

Van Dien said that she turned down four movies and is focusing on streaming.

The actress did not name the producer or the movie where the alleged incident happened.

Van Dien has around 295,000 followers on Twitch under the verified username BlueFille.

Streaming is better for her mental health, according to Van Dien.

She has more control on the video streaming platform.

Van Dien can choose who she hangs out with and talks to on Twitch.

The actress is waiting for the right project and the right people to work with.

She tweeted that her work priorities are changing as she gets older.

Van Dien has worked on Netflix's "Greenhouse Academy."

She has also been cast in the upcoming vampire flick "V for Vengeance."

The actress did a Twitch livestream where she made the allegations.

The livestream is no longer available.

Van Dien's decision to prioritize streaming reflects a growing trend among actors and entertainers.

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