Kevin Hart Sues YouTuber Tasha K Over Ex-Assistant Interview

Comedian Kevin Hart is reportedly suing YouTube star Tasha K for extortion, claiming she demanded $250,000 to prevent the release of a damaging interview with Hart's former assistant.

Tasha K, also known as LaTasha Kebe, allegedly recorded an interview with Miesha Shakes, who made defamatory statements about Hart, according to court documents.

The court documents reveal that a person connected to Tasha K threatened to publish the interview unless Hart paid the demanded ransom.

Hart, in response, sent a cease and desist letter to Tasha K, stating that Shakes had signed a nondisclosure agreement during her employment from 2017 to 2020.

Tasha K shared a teaser for the interview on her YouTube livestream and later posted a link to the full interview on her Instagram Story.

In the teaser, Shakes detailed various experiences while working for Hart, including allegations of infidelity, a topic Hart has addressed publicly in the past.

Kevin Hart has two children with his wife Eniko and two children from his previous marriage to Torrei Hart.

Hart has previously discussed his infidelity, calling it the "lowest moment" of his life in the docuseries "Kevin Hart: Don't F–k This Up."

Despite the challenges, Hart has spoken about the necessity of addressing such issues with his children due to the constant spotlight on his life.

The lawsuit adds another layer to the complexities of navigating fame for Kevin Hart and sheds light on the potential consequences of public exposure in the digital age.

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