‘Parasite’ Actor Lee Sun-kyun Dead At Age 48 After Apparent Suicide

Parasite star Lee Sun-kyun, 48, was found dead in a parked car in Seoul.

South Korean police confirmed the actor's death, investigating it as a possible suicide.

Lee was under investigation for alleged illegal drug use, denying the accusations.

He apologized earlier for causing disappointment and expressed sorrow for his family's pain.

Lee, known for his role in Parasite, won global acclaim as the film earned four Oscars in 2020.

The actor debuted on stage in 2001 and entered television and film in the following years.

Despite maintaining innocence, Lee faced ongoing police questioning about the drug allegations.

He tested negative in two subsequent drug tests after the initial incident.

Lee filed complaints against the hostess, accusing her of blackmail in the aftermath.

The actor, who expressed love for acting, left a lasting impact on the global film industry.

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