Southern Charm’s Leva Bonaparte Shares Why Having ‘Me Time’ Is Essential

Southern Charm star Leva Bonaparte, 44, shares insights into her busy life as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur in a day-in-the-life feature with Us Weekly.

Bonaparte prioritizes self-care after dropping off her 5-year-old son, Lamar Jr., at school, enjoying some "me time" in the morning.

Managing four bars in Charleston, South Carolina, and starring in two reality series, including Southern Hospitality, keeps her afternoons hectic.

Despite her thriving business ventures, family remains a top priority for Bonaparte, who won't compromise on spending quality time with her son.

Bedtime routines with Lamar Jr. include reading stories and discussing their favorite moments of the day before tucking him in for the night.

Leva's mornings involve a sauna session and meetings with her "right-hand woman," Michelle, to tackle busy hours before her son comes home.

The entrepreneur undergoes hair and makeup for Southern Hospitality green screen filming, incorporating a fun, full-face routine before interviews.

Lamar Jr. and Leva enjoy a quick treat before heading to basketball training, where she combines learning with playtime.

Leva emphasizes the importance of dedicated time with her son, engaging in reading, writing practice, and reviewing school lessons during their outings.

Evenings see Leva checking in on her latest business venture, Lamar's Sporting Club, where she loves mingling with guests to ensure everyone has a good night.

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