St. Petersburg Filmmaker: Bob Marley's Inspiration to Health Advocacy

Bob Marley's nephew, Charles Mattocks, believes that if alive today, the reggae icon would have found alternative ways to maintain his health at the age of 78.

Mattocks, inspired by his mother's stories of Marley, transitioned from a career in rap and acting to become a health advocate.

The biopic "Bob Marley: One Love" is set to premiere on Feb. 24, with Mattocks hoping it inspires others.

Mattocks produces documentary films and docuseries, focusing on topics like healthy living, alternative medicine, and personal health challenges.

His streaming docuseries "Reversed" explores the keto and carnivore diets, while "Eight Days" follows individuals seeking to cure cancer through alternative methods.

Mattocks, diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago, is dedicated to raising awareness about the disease and promoting healthy living.

His upcoming project will focus on menopause, featuring experts and personal stories about the physical, emotional, and psychological transformations women experience.

Mattocks' mother, Constance Marley, shared her experiences with Marley during his battle with cancer, highlighting his openness to learning new things.

Marley's impact became evident to Mattocks at the funeral in Jamaica, realizing the global significance of his uncle's legacy.

Leaving behind his musical and acting pursuits, Mattocks is committed to leaving a lasting positive impact on others' lives, much like his famous uncle, Bob Marley.

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