Tommy Dorfman Alleges Deliberate Misgendering by Delta Staffer

Tommy Dorfman, a trans actress, accuses a Delta Airlines employee of intentional misgendering at LaGuardia Airport.

Dorfman posted a since-deleted TikTok video highlighting the alleged transphobic encounter.

In the video, Dorfman confronts the Delta staffer about repeated intentional misgendering.

The Delta employee claims the misgendering was unintentional, but Dorfman insists it happened deliberately.

The situation escalates as the Delta worker threatens to have airport security escort Dorfman out.

Dorfman publicly came out as a trans woman in a July 2021 TIME interview.

The actress emphasizes the importance of addressing human rights violations when advocating for oneself.

The incident raises concerns about transgender rights and the airline's handling of the situation.

The video prompts social media discussion and speculation about Delta's response.

Delta has yet to comment on the allegations made by Tommy Dorfman.

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