Best 50+ Smoking Quotes, Sayings about Cigarettes, Smokers

Smoking quotes are statements or phrases that express the dangers, negative effects, or personal opinions about smoking. They can be used as a form of anti-smoking advocacy or as a reminder for smokers to quit. Examples of smoking quotes include.

Best Smoking Quotes, Sayings about Cigarettes, Smokers

Smoking Quotes, Sayings about Cigarettes, Smokers
Smoking Quotes, Sayings about Cigarettes, Smokers

Perhaps sport should accept sponsorship from the Mafia. They kill fewer people than smoking – Alan Hubbard.

Thank heaven, I have given up smoking again! God! I feel fit. Homicidal, but fit. A different man. Irritable, moody, depressed, rude, nervy, perhaps; but the lungs are fine – A.P. Herbert.

The problem with smoking guns is you can’t see their smoke – Ari Fleischer.

I tried to stop smoking cigarettes by telling myself I just didn’t want to smoke, but I didn’t believe myself – Barbara Kelly.

I thought I couldn’t afford to take her out and smoke as well. So I gave up cigarettes. Then I took her out and one day I looked at her and thought: “Oh well,” and I went back to smoking again, and that was better – Benny Hill.

I’m not really a heavy smoker any more. I only get through two lighters a day now – Bill Hicks.

We know smoking tobacco is not good for kids, but a lot of other things aren’t good. Drinking’s not good. Some would say milk’s not good – Bob Dole.

Depression smoking quotes

Depression smoking quotes
Depression smoking quotes

A nonsmoker is forced to find food, but for a smoker breakfast can be a cigarette and a cup of bad coffee – Brock Fiant.

Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life – Brooke Shields.

Now, I know that you may not smoke. And I would agree that smoking is a pretty dumb thing to do – Daniel Sweet.

I’ve stopped smoking. I think the cost was a lot of it, and not being able to breathe. I first gave up smoking when I was eight – Dave Allen.

Watching the smoke dance out of a cigarette is like watching a girl dance out of her dress – D.H. Mondfleur.

If we see you smoking we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action – Douglas Adams.

Attitude smoking quotes

smoking quotes
smoking quotes

The only “safer” cigarette is your last one – Duane Alan Hahn.

I come from a family of smokers and alcoholics. I lived it, I know the truth. Smoking and drinking have no place in the home – Duane Alan Hahn.

Take your life back from the tobacco companies. They don’t own you anymore – Duane Alan Hahn.

When are people going to realize that breathing in smoke from anything that burns is not a good idea? – Duane Alan Hahn.

The best way to stop smoking is to just stop – no ifs, ands or butts – Edith Zittler.

Quit smoking quotes

smoking quotes
smoking quotes

Perfection is such a nuisance that I often regret having cured myself of using tobacco – Emile Zola.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics – Fletcher Knebel.

There were days when Keanu was looking a little green from the amount of cigarettes we were having him smoke – Francis Lawrence.

I wouldn’t mind seeing opera die. Ever since I was a boy, I regarded opera as a ponderous anarchronism, almost the equivalent of smoking – Frank Lloyd Wright.

Much smoking kills live men and cures dead swine – George D. Prentice.

I smoke ten to fifteen cigars a day. At my age I have to hold on to something – George F. Burns.

Stop smoking quotes

smoking quotes
smoking quotes

Cigarettes and coffee: an alcoholic’s best friend! – Gerard Way.

Do you mind if I don’t smoke? – Groucho Marx.

There’s something luxurious about having a girl light your cigarette. In fact, I got married once on account of that – Harold Robbins.

If we lose the battle against tobacco, we will lose the war against cancer – John Arradondo.

When it comes to smoking, there’s this big loophole. With alcohol, underage kids can’t buy it, possess it or use it. Underage kids can’t buy cigarettes, why do we let them smoke? – John Sponauer.

There are some circles in America where it seems to be more socially acceptable to carry a hand-gun than a packet of cigarettes – Katharine Whitehorn.

Thank you for smoking quotes

Thank you for smoking quotes
Thank you for smoking quotes

Tobacco and alcohol, delicious fathers of abiding friendships and fertile reveries – Luis Bunuel.

To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I’ve done it a thousand times – Mark Twain.

It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times – Mark Twain.

It is easier to stay out than get out – Mark Twain.

It has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain when awake – Mark Twain.

I used to smoke two packs a day and I just hate being a nonsmoker but I will never consider myself a nonsmoker because I always find smokers the most interesting people at the table – Michelle Pfeiffer.

I’m glad I don’t have to explain to a man from Mars why each day I set fire to dozens of little pieces of paper, and put them in my mouth – Mignon McLaughlin.

Smoking quotes for instagram

smoking quotes
smoking quotes

To smoke or not to smoke: I can make of either a life-work – Mignon McLaughlin.

Every citizen who stops smoking, or loses a few pounds, or starts managing his chronic disease with real diligence, is caulking a crack for the benefit of us all – Mitch Daniels.

A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want? – Oscar Wilde.

The believing we do something when we do nothing is the first illusion of tobacco – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke – Rudyard Kipling.

Oscar Wilde: “Do you mind if I smoke?”, Sarah Bernhardt: “I don’t care if you burn” – Sarah Bernhardt.

Smokers, male and female, inject and excuse idleness in their lives every time they light a cigarette – Sidonie Gabrielle Colette.

There’s a lot of people who, a cigarette is about the only vacation they have – Trey Parke.

People always come up to me and say that my smoking is bothering them. Well, it’s killing me! – Wendy Liebman.

Never slap a man who chews tobacco – Willard Scott.

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